Someone who postpones his unemployment, by staying in College to further his degree. Can be from between 2-to-8 years. A grad student is either a lazy bum who doesn’t want to leave College , or an overachieving dork.
Student 1: Man I gotta start finding a job tomorrow.Student 2: Nah, just become a grad student, and kick back another couplea years. Hey there’s a kegger tomorrow, you in?
by banky123 July 20, 2006
Top Definition
Grad students perform all the dull parts of research professors don't want to do.
by Lugnut92 August 31, 2009
1. adj.
lifeless; without hope
2. n.
a sense of despair
3. v.
to make a really poor decision

see: game over
"Man I really grad-studented when I decided to eat that rotten hot-dog last night."
"That dead bum we just passed sent a shudder of grad student through me."
by OMH December 12, 2005
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