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a girl who is best friends with tall people. one of a buff generation and free larry signs. gracies are often found skipping around happily. they also comfort friends in need and eat green jello.
that gracie is one party animal tonight
by m00fins March 20, 2007
A name that implies MANY different things. Usually the cute name for a female named Greyson

The pinnacle of perfection in a female. Has stunning eyes, and an incredible personality. Starts out as seemly introverted, but has a charming, witty personality once a friendship is formed. More caring than anyone you'll likely ever meet and has an intellect that can be seen withing her eyes. Killer body with amazing curves and a sexy bust. Arouses men without realization. Legendary in bed. Very beautiful and interesting. Loves to cuddle in bed after a romantic evening; the perfect lover and knows how to make one feel like the center of the universe with a single glance.

The rarest female on this earth. Utterly unique. Gracie's make the greatest girlfriends/lovers/fiances/wives; is most likely to be your soul mate/other half. Living perfection.

N An amazingly sexy girl who has a perfect body but has no ego about her beauty. Often she is self doubting, bad still confident in herself. Can be "scene" in style with outrageous colored hair.

V Able to do all things exceedingly well. Never fails to impress. Has the innate ability to attract men from miles around due to her absolute sexiness.

Adj Drop dead sexy, perfect in beauty, poise; containing a refined elegance.
Man 1: Bro, I wish my girl was a Gracie.
Man 2: Sucks to be you, seeing as you're stuck with a Jess.

Woman: She's such a Gracie!! Look at how she dresses, ugh, I wish I was her!
Man: Yeah, I'd pick her over you...Just saying.

She, Gracie that test and got the highest score in the class!!
by Let's Kill Sarah Singer March 07, 2011
French Name meaning:Beautiful, amazing, Like a dynamite, An entergizer bunny (:
Who's Gracie? A beautiful girl.
by Snookums. January 16, 2011
Super Sexy Girl, Funny, Smart, and the most Drop Dead Gorgeous girl in the whole world
Dude isnt she a Gracie
by Big Digger October 29, 2011
A girl who is awesome creative funny and beautiful. Loves the color green and is everyones friend!
Stacey:O.M.G thats a Gracie 4 sure I wish I was her friend!
by GracieMadison July 08, 2011
Gracie is an amazing pretty girl and my best friend. She gets me through everything and I love her so much. She is so fun to be around and shes the nicest girl you'll ever meet! The nignogs are so cool and I've had so many amazing times with you and I hope to have many more in the future!
That girl is amazing her name must be gracie.
by GracesBestFriend January 22, 2012
1) the act of being killlaa

2) Gracie happens to be the most ballin in the history of ballin playas. Don't mess with the G33 K1LLA.
maddie: no need to tell me, have you seen that playa?!


by KiLLuHHHf03v444 July 10, 2008
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