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A term used when describing;
A. Being bent over for capitol punishment.
B. Assuming the position for Prison rape.
C. While sitting on the john, bending down and gripping your ankles in attemp to push harder and also to cope with the pain.
Guy1. Dude what's up with those hand prints on your ankles, that looks really painful!

Guy2. I was grabbing ankle last night
#shit #poop #rape #spankin #dick
by J.P. The Last Brave Bishop February 11, 2009
11 Words related to grabbing ankle
to take a shit so awefl and painful forcing you to grab your ankles for
a: to better push out the shit
b: to help cope with the strain
dude, where did seymore go?

i think hes in the bathroom, he said he wasnt feeling well.

he's probably grabbing ankle

#shit #poop #skat #gross #pain
by pat bishop October 13, 2008
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