An opportunist; someone displaying greed or hording behavior; stealing
All of those Kazaa kiddies are just a bunch of pilfering grabasses.

I put out the box of old Playboys and my grabass neighbor took da whole damn thang! Sheeyat!
by Slim Shady April 17, 2005
Horse play.Esp. with an object that belongs to someone else.A.k.a.-keep away.
They played grab ass with that boys glasses.
#grab ass #grabass #play grab ass #play grabass #grabbass
by coolhanddflexx September 14, 2008
The opposite of "soft/lighted" sex - like "Makin Love". Concentraded on the carnal side of procreating.
John is very nice in bed - too nice. I miss the grabass part of making love. I miss banging my head towards the bedroom wall.
by Vincent August 21, 2003
The act of avoiding smart dm, answering the phone, and making any out bound calls in favor of throwing the ball at people faces or bothering account executives by asking them pointless questions.
While the account executives were upstairs working hard, Jim Willits and Shawn Anderson were down stairs playing grab ass.
#grab ass #grabass #fuck off #screw off #messing around
by Scott Riese June 06, 2007
pleasureable sport where one attempts to grasp hold of as many rear ends as possible whilst running around a marked space.

usually favoured by a homosexual audience due to the gender seperations involved in the sport.
"im pooped, that sure was a good game of grab ass."
by Rob Nash April 05, 2004
playful flurting usually involving physical contact
the two robs in my german class are always playing grab ass. see also fagg, rump ranger, ass jockey
by cooter April 25, 2003
a game in which you run around like a fucking retard
Look at those dumbass kids running around and playing grab ass.
by Jog DMC December 08, 2003
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