Acronym for "Go Read A Book" Usually used after being insulted with poor grammar, spelling, or with a long string of acronyms.
Guy 2: GRAB, idiot.
by DimaTodd May 16, 2008
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- take take a chair
- get
grab me a beer, would ya??
grab a chair and join us
by Darue January 03, 2005
a close or tight fit
I prefer wearing jeans that have grab on my ass and crotch.
by par-tay November 05, 2003
The act of acquiring illegal drugs, usually marijuana.
"yo i wanna get stoned, let's go grab from the hippie down the street"
by lysergic acid diethylamide June 17, 2008
(ratchet girl walks by)
Guy 1: Look at that thot

Guy 2: Thats not a thot, thats a G.R.A.B
by dJEEZY February 17, 2015
To buy or steal items at a store, to buy drugs..
"Hey.. do u have.. I need to grab"

"Yo ama go and grab some blunt papes"
by Strait_Ryda January 03, 2005
To successfully get a girl.
It gonna be some girls at the party tonight, you better grab.
by viking03 October 08, 2009
To ravage, as in sexually.
"Yeah, I'd grab that."
by Laverneus March 08, 2008

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