Boy and girl mixed together #vaginis
Eww look at that goy! what a faggot.
by CrystalGREEN5 July 31, 2016
Official Meaning: Something Yiddish.
Popular Slang: A girl/boy, a neutral term to refer to someone who has not chosen a gender as of yet.
(People usually use the person's dominant gender when referring to them.)
Oh, Jean? Yeah, she's a goy.
by Liberal Lady Ann October 30, 2015
An androgynous person. More specifically, a boy who looks like a girl in terms of hair, facial features/structure, and stature/build. Very creepy.
"Holy shit, there's a goy on the bus!"
by Willy L. February 09, 2008
Usually used as a replacement for the word good. When being used to say no good use no goy.
That hamburger at the diner was soo goy.

Sally is no goy at kissing.
by The Firehawk May 29, 2014
(1)A person that is a non jew
(2)A poor person
You Fucking Goy Why Do You LIve In A Trailer Park?
by AndTheAllMIGHtySiad: May 21, 2006
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