CROATIAN word for Shit.
Ti si govno
by Marijuana Kooky June 18, 2004
Top Definition
The Russian word for "Shit". If a Russian use this word, it is pretty good indicator that he is in bad mood.
by Boris the Blade April 08, 2003
1. shit, natural result of eating something
2. really bad situation
3. very bad rude unkind and shitty man-real asshole
4. something strange, unknown
1. Yesterday I was walking down the street and stepped in a pile of govno (shit) - Vchera guljal po ulice i vljapalsja v govno
2. It's half past ten and I haven't finish my work - that's govno! (shit) Ept', uje pol odinnadcatogo, a rabotu ja tak i ne sdelal. Vot govno!!!
3. He is a mistake of nature-he is not a man. He is a GOVNO. On-jertva aborta, jivoy vikidish, prosto GOVNO!

4. I saw an alien in the park: Wooohohow!!! What's a GOVNO! (shit) Ja brel po parku v noch gluhuju i uvidel prisheltsa: EPT', BLJA, NAHUY! CHE ETO ZA GOVNO TAKOE?
by smx September 11, 2006
ako, sranje, drisnq. Mazno debelo kafqvo neshto
Ti si ebati govnoto - You`re fukcin shit!
by maharishi April 20, 2005

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