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n. someone who wakes up in the morning and has to decide whether or not they want to call in sick. If they don't they show up in time for coffee break, smoke break, pre-lunch break, lunch break, after lunch break, another smoke break, and then wash their hands in time to go home. In other words they are lesbians (someone who doesn't do DICK)
the word work is a place where you go during the day to do your job and collect your money. A government employee goes to work to socialize with friends and talk about what they are going to do when the buzzer goes off to leave.
by Big Chief Smack-a-Ho February 06, 2003
in fact I don't do dick all day, I'm busy typing this shit in urban dictionary when I should be working, (I mean taking a coffee break, smoke break, etc.
Man is it time to go home yet, my ass is getting soar from sitting here all day.
by Big Chief Smack-a-Ho February 06, 2003
A collection of people too dumb, bald, lazy, handicapped, fat, black or old to get a job in corporate America.

The last refuge for dumb liberals.
That lady that looks like she crawled out of a barell of nuclear waste ... the one that takes three smoke breaks an hour ... she's been eating ho hos all day ... the one who speaks ebonically ... yeah, her, the fat one with tattoos on her neck ... she's one of those typical government employees
by Assex 776 September 15, 2007
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