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Coneiving bunch of jackasses that are sheltered but less than us. They only know a particular part of the real world. I can only imagine how messed up someone would be, if they actually knew everything there was to know.
Knowing part of the government one is still sheltered
by Me August 06, 2003
20 22
lies lies lies and more lies all to "protect the people" and not so all the people in the government can get rich and laugh at everyone else for believing stupid shit that they make up.
yesteday I saw an alien coming towards me with a knife, but the government said it was a stunt for a tv show and yes! of course i believe them.
by Tim April 26, 2003
78 80
The guys controlling the subnet, which is something that is beneath the internet that normal humans can't enter, but the government watches you through it!
The government is watching everything you do
by Andrew February 23, 2003
64 66
A ruling organization known for its White Lies.
Government: "Man, the gubment (sic) done stole all my money then turned around saying I owed THEM! Maaaan, aint that some shit?!? Where's my 40 acres and a mule?!?"
by slodaddio June 06, 2013
2 5
1)The only people who get away with stealing your money and extreme stupidity, just to say not very many things. This is mostly because they're constantly all like "Yeah, but we're more important than the rest of the world combined. So fuck you."

2) World runner-ups in the bullshit game.
However, as good as the government is at the bullshit game, religion always wins the game because the damn person who they bribed- oh? What's that? I'm now going to hell for saying 'damn'? Well fuck you too! WHAT? There's a new law that prohibits me from saying "fuck" or "shit" on the internet? How about dick? Am I allowed to call you guys dicks?
Government. With a guest apearence from religion.
by dragongirl253 August 31, 2012
2 5
fags,gay homos etc
the government are dirty fags
36 43
The Government Sucks Dick at Everything
by Seagulls Of Santa!!! August 17, 2008
14 22