1.A long forgotten theory on how to help the people of a country
2.The beginning of a world wide order whose sole mission is to destroy the way of life as defined by the constitution.
3.A body of men origanally intended to be run by the people of the country, but eventually will revert to dicctatorship.
4.See also Evil Empire, Hypocrite, Democrat, Republican, Lucifer
The government will steal and eat your babies.
by Anonymous July 03, 2003
lies lies lies and more lies all to "protect the people" and not so all the people in the government can get rich and laugh at everyone else for believing stupid shit that they make up.
yesteday I saw an alien coming towards me with a knife, but the government said it was a stunt for a tv show and yes! of course i believe them.
by Tim April 26, 2003
The guys controlling the subnet, which is something that is beneath the internet that normal humans can't enter, but the government watches you through it!
The government is watching everything you do
by Andrew February 23, 2003
An intrusive body that has recently decided to reach far beyond the boundaries set by itself during its origination; A machine capable of progressing the lives of many people to points of imminent gloom.
The government is best when you never have think of it.
by Hydrogen Elf January 28, 2003
people who like to ruin everything that is fun in our country
by Anonymous December 05, 2002
An evil system that drains everyone's money and makes them live miserable lives. No wonder there are so many homeless people.
I can't even explain how evil the government is and how stupid the system is.
by CAN'T TELL YOU. March 01, 2014
A ruling organization known for its White Lies.
Government: "Man, the gubment (sic) done stole all my money then turned around saying I owed THEM! Maaaan, aint that some shit?!? Where's my 40 acres and a mule?!?"
by slodaddio June 06, 2013

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