Fucking bullshit. Thats all it is.
The government is sort of like the smelly stuff on the groun that you find on a farm.
by Fuck the Police June 22, 2005
A joke.

See example.
Hey barry, that was a good government.
by jimmmy June 10, 2005
I gotta go take a shit.Can I borrow some flag (any flag) to wipe on?

doesn't matter what country's flag,I just need a flag...the UN or Mexico would suffice nicely.
by cynic April 07, 2005
Something we need but don't want and that doesn't work due to the stupidity of humans.
The governmant will one day fall and we will all kill each other.
by Gabriel March 21, 2005
"A government is a body of people. Usualy, notably, ungoverned."
Example: The United States of America
by Pablo del Fuego January 15, 2005
Is a body of people usually notably ungoverned
The goverment can be misleading
by kyle May 21, 2004

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