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(britains government) can't run our country right, lent a lot of money 2 sum mexicans who can't pay it back and the whole country is in deep shit, house prices are going down and thousands of homes have been repossed, it's probably going 2 get 2 the point where everyone is living on the streets like hobos then whats the government going 2 do
person1: the government sucks, they are retards 4 lending that much money
person2: damm right ive lost my job because of money issues
person1: we will get them some day
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 22, 2009
6 8
A government is a group with predatory instincts who possess neither the capital to form a corporation nor the singular bravery of common thieves.
Our Government is a group of cowards and thieves, but I repeat myself.
by Tomicus May 16, 2009
17 19
A group of people organized or de- organized (as in the case of anarchy).

Popular Form of govenments:

Communism- all people's needs are supplied by a strong central government. Everybody is working for the greater good. Its flaws are the most basic of them all. You have no freedom to excel at life and will always be under the rule of the government. etc.

Monarchy- all people are under a king/queen/etc. This would work very nicely but it all depends on the ruler at that time. If they oppresse the people or help the people.

Democracy- You all know what that is and in modern society it is easy to spot the flaws once again it usually ends with a struggle for power between the political parties but out of all of them. This is the closest to "free society".

Anarchy- there is NO CENTRAL GOVERNMENT. I classify this as a government because it works for the commen goal of equality. This is easily the most flawed due to human nature, ignorance, greed and all vices of humans. But beleiving in no government qquals a government. It controdicts it self and creates a pandorax.

In order of most likely working in modern society are:

1. - There is No Perfect Government as of yet.
2. Democracy
3. Communism
4. Monarchy
5. Anarchy
6. Tolitarinism (You have no rights, in this form of government)
Think of it this way --- "All known governments should have its flaws. The piont of humans on this earth is to figure out which one works best"
by ThE PoLaCk SnIpEr April 20, 2009
7 9
The subtle name given to a large mafia, taking protection money and a good percentage of your paycheck just for living on their turf and will kill you or send you into a big building with rapists if you refuse
Stupid government is taking my entire paycheck for protection money
by mclovin316 April 13, 2009
30 32
Something that is supposed to protect people but has turned into a conspiracy of beurocracies, dishonesty, waste—and has grown so big and so out of control and repeatedly oversteps its bounds. It has grown so big that it has invaded pro sports, the bedroom, your car, your body, healthcare, education, fitness (yes, fitness) and big business. It now is a giant vampire and now wants to suck your blood and control your life from the cradle to the casket.
Government sucks and we would be much better off without it. Although we need some of it, it works when it does what it is designed to do.
by krock1dk July 25, 2008
16 18
A stupid system invented by stupid people for stupid people run by stupid people voted into office by even stupider people.
Government is stupid, but a necessary evil to maintain civility and order.
by krock1dk April 10, 2008
14 16
the people who are in charge of our planet.
generally a bunch of unprincipled crooks, but still better than the alternative.
the government lied about where the money was going.
by lalaaa. March 07, 2008
8 10