Some one's true identity, used as slang. It is the person's true name and real identity.
For example, 50 Cent's Government is Curtis.
Lloyd Bank's Government is Christopher, etc...

In the song "HELP" By Lloyd Banks Ft. Keri Hillson, that term appears.

When someone knows your Government that means you better lay low and let the heat die down a bit before you go on another spree.
by Jonathan D. April 16, 2007
Currently, a body of people charged with the administration of a given society, who may claim to be official and legitimate—and who think they take action in the public interest—but who are, in fact, not genuinely official, as they hold office at the whim of public mood; certainly not legitimate, as they authorize action contrary to life and the laws of nature; and generally not public-spirited, as they frequently ignore the concept of the common good in their deliberations.
The chief executive of the US federal government lied to US citizens and the world to start a war for the interests of a certain few business entities and perhaps his own low self-esteem, and with the complicity of the US Congress, systematically murdered many thousands of people in the pursuit of freedom and democracy for those people and brought international disrespect toward his own nation, and promulgated more violence in an already troubled world.
by Pyotr August 07, 2006
Lying, cheating bastards who are taking all our money and spending it on unnecessary wars; killing young americans, and dropping bombs on innocent women and children.

Favoring elitist white republican men, restricting free speech, watching the people secretly, keeping racism and sexism alive and growing, putting our country trillions of dollars in debt; doing it all in the name of the Lord.

Generally being corrupt.
We should overthrow the government.
All government is corrupt.

I hate our government.
by NAPLES August 04, 2006
a lame excuse for global control covered up by bush along with the nazi overlords.
united states of america's government
by c/a1c April 26, 2006
A disease masquerading as its own cure.
You'd think we'd figure out that the government is simply a disease masquerading as its own cure.
by China Bob February 26, 2006
Government is a group of fraudsters, petty criminals, murderers, and armaments dealers who legislate to protect the citizens and subjects of a country from fraudsters, petty criminals, and other such misfits.
"dude I been thinking that we may as well ask the mafia to
run this country - they may be less criminal"

"man havent you sussed it yet? the government is the mafia"
by london che January 30, 2006
big red fatass 666 the devil satan
The government is the enemy of God.
by ( ((><)) ) the government cn go December 31, 2005
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