A government is a group with predatory instincts who possess neither the capital to form a corporation nor the singular bravery of common thieves.
Our Government is a group of cowards and thieves, but I repeat myself.
by Tomicus May 16, 2009
Someone's full name. (First, middle, and last)
Chris Brown: 'Damn nigga why you gotta be shouting out my government like that?'
by xtonks February 11, 2009
Something that is supposed to protect people but has turned into a conspiracy of beurocracies, dishonesty, waste—and has grown so big and so out of control and repeatedly oversteps its bounds. It has grown so big that it has invaded pro sports, the bedroom, your car, your body, healthcare, education, fitness (yes, fitness) and big business. It now is a giant vampire and now wants to suck your blood and control your life from the cradle to the casket.
Government sucks and we would be much better off without it. Although we need some of it, it works when it does what it is designed to do.
by krock1dk July 25, 2008
A stupid system invented by stupid people for stupid people run by stupid people voted into office by even stupider people.
Government is stupid, but a necessary evil to maintain civility and order.
by krock1dk April 10, 2008
the people who are in charge of our planet.
generally a bunch of unprincipled crooks, but still better than the alternative.
the government lied about where the money was going.
by lalaaa. March 07, 2008
A necessary evil. What America needs less of. A group of blood-thirsty vampires with an unquenchable thirst for more power. It was originally established to create a judicial system, to collect taxes and declare war, but has grossly over stepped its bounds. The GOV in America is not for the citizens anymore. It is not run by the lawmakers themselves but by lobbyists and special interest. The GOV has gotten so big that it wants to control what you do in your bedroom, what you do with your body, has invaded your home, has invaded your car, has even invaded professional sports. It wants to control EVERY aspect of your life. It is filled with corporate fatcats and lobbysists who give money to Congress for their special interest. It doesnt protect the little guy and the citizens anymore, but only looks out for its rich friends. The GOV cares more about pork (not the Presidential intern type) than it does about solving real issues.
The government sucks and is useless, filled with old, rich, white guys with little minds and even littler monkeys.
by krock1dk February 02, 2008
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