The subtle name given to a large mafia, taking protection money and a good percentage of your paycheck just for living on their turf and will kill you or send you into a big building with rapists if you refuse
Stupid government is taking my entire paycheck for protection money
by mclovin316 April 13, 2009
A slang term referring to one's group of friends.
You don't know my government! You don't know who I roll with!
by Yo mawma December 25, 2007
An excess amount of information about a person.
Bob: Her middle name is Alysha
Bill: Yo, why you givin' out all her government like that.
by Alex Howard May 08, 2006
It can come in all types,
Communism, Fascism or just your normal average government... either way however none of them are really what they say they are or what they are "supposed" to be.
All of them are meant to "somehow" help the country and people, ESPECIALLY the people. They SHOULD be helping the people, however they do not.

In fact they are actually if anything for themselves but most importantly they are for the corporations. (Wal-Mart i'm talking about you.)
They end up using most of the money that you pay them through taxes to support corporations. Its an endless circle fueled by greed. The government just doesn't seem to care... and... when did they anyway?
The Government is full of greedy ass holes who don't even care about the people anymore but instead about making sure big companies are still funding them.
by The Angry Girl October 23, 2010
(britains government) can't run our country right, lent a lot of money 2 sum mexicans who can't pay it back and the whole country is in deep shit, house prices are going down and thousands of homes have been repossed, it's probably going 2 get 2 the point where everyone is living on the streets like hobos then whats the government going 2 do
person1: the government sucks, they are retards 4 lending that much money
person2: damm right ive lost my job because of money issues
person1: we will get them some day
by DJ SPYKERZ(SCOUSED OUT) July 22, 2009
The organization that will take away your liberties to preserve your "freedom." Resistance to government is evil. You must always make sure the government is happy. Opposing government is advocating chaos. Never ever ever ever consider anarchy because it is bad. Government will always help you. Politicians never use power for self-interest. Absolute power does not corrupt absolutely. If the Party says two plus two equals five, it is true.
Liberal: The government is excessively curbing our civil liberties in the name of--

Me: Duh. So what else is new?
by fuck the state October 15, 2007
Some one's true identity, used as slang. It is the person's true name and real identity.
For example, 50 Cent's Government is Curtis.
Lloyd Bank's Government is Christopher, etc...

In the song "HELP" By Lloyd Banks Ft. Keri Hillson, that term appears.

When someone knows your Government that means you better lay low and let the heat die down a bit before you go on another spree.
by Jonathan D. April 16, 2007

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