The way it acts is proof that God really doesn't exist after all.
by AYB May 01, 2003
Opiate of the masses.
Wahh, I need the government to take from those evil rich people and give to me because I'm lazy! Wahh.
by -V. March 24, 2006
An institution that is very unfortunately very necessary, and that regardless of what it does is hated by some people.
If no government was needed this would be paradise.
by Chake99 April 24, 2005
someone's first and last name
1:Joe Smith
2: why u gotta give out my government
by Neetz January 20, 2005
An evil organization devoted to, even in a land that's supposed to be ruled by freedom, giving ultimate power to one human being.
by Not Proud to be an American April 23, 2003
the government is an organization designed to help guide the well being of all people of a country; mainly interested in pursuing the betterment of the country and advancement of its own citizens through growth in technology and the economy...when controlled by the republicans.
however when it is controlled by the democrats: an organization that models its plan after robin hood by taking large masses of money from the hard working upper middle class in the form of taxes and giving it to the undeserving lazy lower class that made several decisions that continuously fucked up their lives to the point where they now live off of the higher taxes of the wealthier and harder working.
republican- lets spend government collected money on furthering education so everyone can learn and have an equal chance at a future without poverty

democrat- screw edukachon, i be needin mo' food stamps. edukachon aint never got me no where an' it aint worth shit. the rich people are the only ones who be gettin edukachon round here. public schools be to racist and dont help
by republicansqueaks21 December 17, 2007
An evil cult of Deists,Pagans and atheists who owned slaves,slaughtered the Indians and stole their land,started the KKK and blamed everything on Christianity because they all hate Christianity because it's the truth.And so they've taught you selective history and crammed their twisted Darwinian beilefs and Big Bang bullshit theories down your throat while lying their asses off to you getting you to loathe Christianity by doing every evil in it's name when they really secretly loathe it for it's good values.
Selective history,lies,distorting the truth.What more could you expect from a bunch of scumbags who are of the same cultist belief system as Adolf Hitler?
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