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pronounced: "gov'mint"
someone's actual name recognized by the government, and on official ID. kept secret by most thugs who use their alias, street, hood, nick - name.
yo, son - don't b using my government name up in here.
by QuantumEntropyZodak August 09, 2006
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Words illiterates use to refer to a name their PARENTS gave them, not the government.
Jimbo: Yo wha yo Government Name son?

Leroy: It be Leroy Roberts"

Jimbo: Didnt yo momma give u dat name?

Leroy: Yea

Jimbo: den how tha fuck it a Government Name?

Leroy: Cuz it on my I.D. n tha wha my homeyz say

Jimbo: u clueless muthafucka, government never named u!if they did they give u sum messed up name.
by JojoFoYoDo April 21, 2011
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