A lazy and over-paid public-sector bureaucrat whose work ethic is the bane of his/her private sector peers. A poster child for government inefficiency who usually gloats about their twenty minute coffee breaks to discuss where to take their two-hour lunches. Also known to call while you are hard at work to tell you that they are “drinking wine on the government dime.” Government subsidized slackery.
I work hard for my cheddar, but Danny—who sets around all day surfing the net, sending chain emails, or looking up and forwarding stupid slang from urbandictionary.com—is just Government Cheese.
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A bureaucrat who is really difficult to deal with; an official who will not bend the rules, someone who always does the government's bidding
That government cheese would not let me file a complaint with the court because I spelled Cort ("Court") wrong.
by David Casey November 30, 2004
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