Box-office flop where a notorious action movie star tried his hand at politics, but found he could only make quotes from his movies.
I actually wouldn't mind that much if Arnold was elected Governator because Gray Davis appears to be useless.
by maybenot September 28, 2003
A robotic humanoid sent back from the future to rule the human race with his Scandanavian accent and hidden WMDs.
And the govinator said: "You vwill elect me ahs your gahvinator or I vwill crlush you pyoony mortahls."
by Tha Pyngwyn September 28, 2003
wait... since when the fuck has a little bit of gropping and sexual harrassment bothered the democrats.... isn't that sort of their specialty?
Yeah, CLinton had a lot of respect for women, that's why he was in a sham marraige and fucked everything that crossed the white house lawn
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
Arnold Schwazenegger is....half man, half governor.

He proves to be an unbeatable candidate. How does he prove this? By blasting the liberal left and get away with it! Even George W. Bush wouldn't be able to do that!

Only one man can make a remark that offends homosexuals and get away with it...

Only one man can have a history of sexual harassment and have women at his rallies holding up signs that says 'you can harass me any day!'...

Only one man can motivate people to vote in something other than the presidential election...

The Governator!
Governator: Gray Davis, I shall terminate you!

Gray Davis: All that ass-kissing and I get booted because of a popular movie star! Damn, I must have been a bad governor!

Average voter: Good job, genius. You spotted the problem years after the voters did.
by BusinessMan August 09, 2005

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