wait... since when the fuck has a little bit of gropping and sexual harrassment bothered the democrats.... isn't that sort of their specialty?
Yeah, CLinton had a lot of respect for women, that's why he was in a sham marraige and fucked everything that crossed the white house lawn
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
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Half governor, half cyborg... a hyper-alloy combat chasis surrounded by living tissue, sent back by Skynet to become the governor of California.
"That Governator is out there, it can't be bargined with, it can't be resoned with, and it will not stop, ever... until he is elected."
by Anonymous October 13, 2003
Refers to Arnold Schwarznegger, the new governor of California.
"The Governator kicks ass."
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
Arnold Schwarzenegger (R), the bodybuilder/actor-turned-38th Governor of California, who in a recall eleciton terminated the governorship of Gray Davis (D), a colorless, unmuscular technocrat who who was often teased at the beach by the fit.

note: "Governator" is a proper noun, and therefore is capitalized and usually modified with a definite article.
November 18, 2003. SACRAMENTO - Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in today as the governor of California. Following his inauguration, the Governator called a special session of the legislature and announced plans to snap the state's mammoth budget deficit between his pectoral muscles.
by MCNevilleHaas December 06, 2003
The killer machine sent into the depths of time to overtake the evil that is Gray Davis and restore political saftey to California...
Arnold: Who is this Gray davis?
Reporter: Well, he is the governor..
Arny:What movie is he in!?
Reporter: He's not in -
Arny: I will kill him!?
by Enter name here _____ November 10, 2003
Title-in-jest of former actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, governor of California, 2003-, best known for his role in motion pictures as "The Terminator."
Arnold Scwarzenegger is the governator of California.
by Michael Jones December 13, 2003
n. Governator/governator

1) Arnold Schwarznegger, Governor of California.

2) A self-delusional actor who has appeared in so many action movies that he has come to believe that he actually has the superhuman abilities of the characters that he plays on the screen.

3) Referring to any public celebrity who runs for public office on fame and recognition-factor alone, while having no other qualifications or natural talents for the position.

4) A charismatic demagogue, in which people put their hopes during a time of crisis, despite his obvious lack of qualifications and experience.

5) A charismatic politician in which people place false hopes during a time of crisis, and later turn on in anger, rather than acknowledge their own error. (ie-a savior turned scape goat. A manifestation of mass public delusion and democratic irresponsibility.)

6) Any of a series of nouveau riche Republican politicians who spent their way into office using blue-blood money (often Kennedy-associated) into which they married.

7) The politician version of the HUMV: having enormous size and profile, while having no practical or utilitarian value.

8) Any example of the triumph of style over substance, facilitated by mass media. (ie-The Pet Rock. The Blair Witch Project.)

9) Any executive political figure who's presence in office can be taken as evidence that politicians are irrelevant and ineffectual, and that actual power is wielded by beurocrats and corporate executives. (ie-Zaphod Beeblebrox. Haliburton Inc.)
Warren Beatty has aspirations of becoming the next Governator of California.

Jesse Ventura, former Governator of Minnesota, has decided to return to the world of professional wrestling on the grounds that state politics is no longer an honorable sport, but rather a fake exercise in public entertainment.

"The job of The Governator is not to wield power but to draw attention away from it."-Zaphod Beeblebrox. The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (supplimentary).
by parisofpriam February 04, 2006
1. A nick-name for the new governor of the state of California.

by 1001 October 08, 2003
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