Gothic people are just like everyone else. They just express them selves differently. Just because they don't look the same as you and me doesn't mean that they are crazy or anything. They are normal healthy people and should just have the chance to talk to people different from them if they want it without being looked at like a freak, or treated like a jerk.
jock-eww look at all those loser gothic people over in Hot Topic.
jock's "girl"-lets go over and talk to them I think they go to our school.
jock-but look at them they are totel freaks.
jock's "girl"-they are just like everyone else and deserve to be treated normal...I don't ever want to hear you being so stereotyped again.
jock-sorry babe...I love you
jock's "girl"- come on...and shut up
Top Definition
children. grow the fuck up. gothic people are rather intelligent human beings and no, they dont slit their wrists. you're getting that confused with emo;another one of the generic, unecessary subcultures that people make up to feel loved in their crowd of look-a-likes.
loser in a pink industrie collared shirt #1 - hey, dawg, check out those gothic people, lets pay them out and call them rank because we have small penises and only sluts with morcroscopic t-shirts dig us.
loser in a pink industrie collared t-shirt #2 - yeah word bro, theyre obviously satanic. i bet they drink cats blood. and stuff.
intelligent gothic person - ............... if you were a guy i'd punch you. i'd punch you right in the mouth.
by gothamalthea April 22, 2006
a close-knit artistic social group that desires darker and more ethereal emotions to be invoked. these emotions; morose, necromanticism, apocalyptic, sex, death, love, blood, lust, etc. help form the base from which this often misunderstood sub-culture operates from.

this contrasts to mainsteam society's emotional desires of optimism, safety, perky, pleasnt, poser, etc.
alternative and taboo world views, creative expression, and industrial/goth clubs are the heart of the Gothic People.
by indus July 12, 2006
Gothic people are the best social group, unlike those popular people who hates different people and are always self centered. Gothic people are mostly people who dress up in dark colors and look, maybe act, all dark and mysterious.

Gothic people ARE NOT EMO!!! Emos are complete opposites.

Anyone who hates Gothic people are sick and should be laughed at.

Technically, Gothic means "dark" and "mysterious" not "sad" and "lonely"
Gothic People are happy, unlike Emos who should wear white so everyone won't confuse them.
by Ethan25 July 14, 2010
People who wear all black and have long hair to were you cant see there face and probably worship the devil. Allot of gothic people disagree with this definition but the reality is definitions change over time and this is what most of america has come up with this word so fuck off satanic people!!!!!!!!!!
Gothic people are scary looking!

Yeah I know
by Bily BOb August 05, 2007
amen.. i completely agree
i hate gothic people.. expecially the jolly gothic people
by Andrew Pugliese January 01, 2005
weirdos who think they are different but theyre the same as every other gothic person out there.
I hate gothic people.
by dennis tral April 14, 2004
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