Looks like she missed her mouth all together.....SWALLOW- MMMMMMMMMSlurp
oralto suck & swallow...while pleasing the male species.cum guzzling ho bag.
by miss biatch 2 u December 01, 2004
a cum mustache and when you wake up it all crusty on your lip
hey do you got milk.
by sean wenushole July 01, 2008
diary ( california cow eating straw on tv )
hang loose on 5th & main ( LA man) a diary walked by!
Yo chicka dee U got milk. Check out my vintage space craft!
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
a taunt one says in counterstrike after blinding multiple enemies with flashbangs.
*dead*player: shit, there were so many flashbangs that round I got sun burned! I hate you inane5!
inane5: got milk?
by inane5 September 06, 2004

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