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Something that a boy in his very early teens tries to get around to asking when he is talking to a girl of similar age that he has only met over the phone or on the internet.

(Things a boy will do to get milk jugs)
I was Stangin' down a long, straight, country road, when I saw a large sign that read "MILK $1 PER GALLON". I quickly pulled in.

"Hey, where's that milk for $1 per gallon?", I asked.

"Over there", replied the farmer as he pointed to a cow.

"You got milk jugs?", I queried.

"I thought you'd never ask", he responded, as he pulled off his shirt, exposing his womanly looking breasts.

I clarified, "No, I mean to put the milk in."

He disappointedly replied, "Oh, I got a bunch of empty ones in the back of the store. They're $2 per gallon."

I shook my head in disgust and rushed to my 'Stang.
"Why didn't I bring any milk jugs with me?"

(Things a man will do if there are no milk jugs around)
by Carol Ann Shelby December 09, 2006
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