A person that is good at something,usually bball or playing ppl n charming them to get what they want.
"Damnnn dat gurl got skillz,she got game."
by gotgamegurl August 17, 2005
Top Definition
When a person is very good at something- it doesn't even have to be a game, just anything there good at.
Yo this kids got game dawg.
by Bo Mills January 22, 2005
He's the best baller on the court.
"he's got game"
by Adam Parsons October 08, 2003
When a person gets alot of chicks
He got game
by Quan December 03, 2003
2003 NBA first round draft pick for the Cleveland Cavaliers
Lebron James
by podody\'s nerfect October 30, 2003
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