When someone doesn't get their complete order in a Drive-THRU Restaurant or Coffee Shop. Got Fucked In The Drive-THRU.

An incomplete order done by total retards in Most restaurants or Coffee Shop's Drive-THRU Thus, You Just Got Fucked in the drive-THRU.

Not to be confused with getting free sex or getting laid From Bitches at a Drive-THRU.
Example #1: Dude # 1. Yo! Dude Where's My straw for my soft drink? What no fork?
Dude # 2. I don't Know? It should all be in you bag dude. Hey You got any ketchup in your order? I don't have any for my fries? Oh no where's my super duper Bacon double pickle triple cheese burger I ordered! dude I don't fucking believe it! Those Idjits didn't put it in my bag Dude! I got Fucked in the Drive-THRU!
Dude # !. You know It Dude ! We Got Fucked in The Drive-THRU!
Dude #2 Should we drive all the way back to Big Prick Burger Joint and get our order done right from them Idjit Retard Drive-THRU Bitches. Man This is fucked up! Dude I hate This Shit Service. I got fucked in the drive-THRU!

Example #2: Girl#1 At A Coffee Sop Drive-THRU Ordering. Could I please have a Extra large Crappachino with whipped cream and fudge brownie toppings thanks.
Girl#2 says gee I hope they get the order right. The last time I ordered here They didn't make my order properly they forgot to give me my Donuts! I got Fucked in the Drive-THRU!
Girls get the order and drive away. Girl #1. Notices there is no fudge brownie toppings on her Crapachino coffee she ordered and her donuts are missing. What The Fuck where's the fudge? Girl#2 says see I told you what those fuckers do! You got fucked in the Drive-THRU!
by DIRTY BIRD WORD February 11, 2010

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