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gosia is one of the ones you never forget. sincere, honest and loyal all in one.
everyone loves gosias.
i love the gosia that i know
by .........h May 16, 2007
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An amazing girl with a great personality, fun to be around and you'll never get bored because she's spontaneous and loves to laugh and make other people smile. Always thinks of others before she thinks of herslef. A keeper.
Gosia is a girl you'd love to be
by GKociak February 03, 2010
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Gosia {go-sha}: A gangsta who ain't afraid of shit; O.G. (Original Gosia).
Daaaamn, that chick was straight Gosia, right?? She made that other chick bite the curb, then stomped on a bitch ... I would never fuck with that broad. She's straight GOSIA ... O.G., double-O.G. ... triple-triple.
by the_P.O.T. March 21, 2011
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