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Only the sickest place in NY let alone the US to live. A town in the Real OC.
Damn, I hate living in Greenwich, I wish I lived in Goshen NY.
by knickerbocker August 30, 2006
A conservative, pretentious, little craphole. Located in northern Indiana.
Goshen, Indiana sux, big time!
by bitchyhoosier July 28, 2011
An incestuous/raunchy town in Orange County, NY where they preach having sex extremely often and at a very young age.
Person A: Tim has hooked up with all four of the Owens' sisters.
Person B: Of course he did, they're from Goshen.
by Toby Van Horn July 15, 2014
Short lived Death Metal band from the late 1990's based out of the Purcellville/Leesburg VA area. They made a shotty demo called "Abadons Unholy" which has some pretty good guitar riffs and fast rythmns.
Goshen was a pretty cool death metal band
by Commander Copenhagen May 04, 2006