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1/8 of an ounce (3.5 grams) of marijuana(or more) rolled into a blunt. It is monstrous and keeps you high for hours. The term comes from the way it looks once it is rolled because it resembles a gorrilla's finger.
Playa: yo dawg i just picked up a fat weed sack.
Dawg:playa playa! how much did you pick up?
Playa: you know I only pick up ounces dawg!
Dawg: Yo playa lets pick up a blunt wrap and roll ourselves a gorrilla finger!
#gorrilla #finger #monkey #blunt #marijuana #1/8
by Cj Bird December 05, 2007
the most valued possesion in a machine shop, pre-CAM mill.
ex. Gorrilla Fingers moved the chuck key when I could not.
#steel #lathe #tool #shop #mill
by n0d December 07, 2007
A Large Marijauna filled cigar that replicates a gorilla's finger.
Jonhy Boy rolled a monster Gorrilla Finger I was elevated.
#blizz #blunt #chronic #haze #dro
by oCz May 12, 2007
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