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To adorne one's self 70's era style of dress which one purchases from a thrift store, second hand store, garage sale or K-mart.
Woah, man, those bell bottoms are hip - they are like, gornofunkadelic.
by Durty December 18, 2003
The sound that somebody actually made once when he puked. It was sweet.
"Oh man, I think I'm gonna puke. Urgh - GORNOFUNKADELIC!!" "Oh man, you puked all over... and it sounded like you said "Gornofunkadelic."
by evilspamman December 19, 2003
a Gornofunk-like state. VERY Gorn.
'G' as in 'Gornofunkadelic.' Your mother is Gornofunkadelic.
by evilspamman December 18, 2003