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The end result of shaving one's pubes and gluing them to someones entire face as prank or punishment.
Jeff's dumb-ass got drunk and passed out again, so we gorilla masked him.
by NickDaBrick March 28, 2013
9 0
After a cum facial the recipient is surprised with a fist full of pubic hair. A GORILLA MASK is not complete if the receiver doesn`t yell out "GORILLA MASK" as they're throwing or slapping the pubes on the recipients face.
(In the distance)... "GORILLA MASK!"

"What was that?"

"Somebody just got GORILLA MASKED"


"A cum facial followed by a fist full of pubes."

"Huh. Let's go back to my place. I wanna try something out."
by GorillaMaskFacials February 28, 2012
5 6
When you are hitting it from behind. Right before you cum u rip the girls pubes out and when she screams and turns around to yell at you, you cum in her face and throw the pubes in it.
I was hittin it from behind and gave her a gorilla mask!
by tito11111 June 18, 2010
16 17
When a guy shaves his pubes and puts them in a bag. Then a girl gives him a blowjob until he is gonna cum. Then he will cum on her face. and empty th bag of pubes on her face. making the pubes stick to her face and looking like she is wearing a gorilla mask.
Jenna: "You know Mark?"

Jessica: "Yeah, I heard he gives massive Gorilla Masks

Jenna: "Its true, He gave me on and i used it on Halloween!"
by Dylan (triip) Herzberg January 09, 2009
25 26
the act of cumming on someones face, after while putting pubes in the cum to let it dry;therefor, giving them the resemblance of a gorilla
ashley scraped while sucking johns dick so she was surprised in the morning to wake up with a gorilla mask.
by Peter gosina February 05, 2009
8 13
When you cum on a girl or guys face lol and then you put your pubic hair around the cum so it looks like a gorilla face.
I'm still wearing that gorilla mask from last night hunny.
by landford69 February 24, 2009
0 11
you blow your load on a female's face, and immediately pull some pubes and stick on her face.
lisa wasn't happy with the Gorilla Mask I gave her last night
by litgoat August 01, 2007
4 16
You shave off the person's pubes and put them in a ziplock bag. Then you spunk on their face and then sprinkle the hair over it.
Johnny helped me put together a gorilla mask for my halloween costume.
by Anonymous December 19, 2002
76 90