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a man who comes into your house and gorilla masks all your toilet seats. he wears a ski mask and carries a pornographic magazine in his back pocket. scientists believe this is the leading cause of unknown pubic hair showing up on yor toilet seat worldwide. the gorilla mask stranger comes into your house when you are on holiday away from your home, at house parties and large get-togethers. the gorilla mask stranger then goes inside discreetly, finds all the bathrooms and proceeds to gorilla mask them.
guy 1: oh dude, after the party last night my toilet seats were totally covered with pubes. it was so gross, i needed gloves and a mask to clean them off. ill never feel comfortable on my can again.

guy 2: it was the gorilla mask stranger dude. the bastard must have gotten in last night
by frog-man-thing September 25, 2009

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