(n) the surprise act of placing hot feces in or on a lover's eyes so that they rise up quickly and stagger blindly throughout the room with arms outstretched, like some kind of agitated zombie. This "game" was played frequently among some of the royal families of Europe throughout the 17th and 18th century.
"The chess match would have to wait. Donnell squatted over Belinda in an attempt to summon the Gorgon" or "Nigel saw her outstretched on the tanning bed...he scurried over and shat on her eyes, thus releasing the Gorgon".
#royal #chess #feces #dirty #trickery
by peppermint sled February 06, 2010
Top Definition
Kittitian/antiguan/jamaican word to represent a shotta of high status.

A caribbean Island Don(Crime Boss)
If Al Capone was in the caribbean he would be considered the don gorgon
#don #shotta #godfather #badman #badboy #badboi #rudeboy #o.g.
by E.A.R. Jr September 07, 2007
Used to describe an icy bitch whose very gaze turns even the hottest of rods stone cold.
That fucking gorgon turned my dick inside out.
#gorgon #bitch #uuuuuuugh! #inability #run-awaysies
by Nakednomad November 04, 2007
A less than attractive female who you tend to try and avoid until the end of the night when options become limited
oh my god did you spy that gorgon by the entrance.
#dragon #kraken #hag #betty #chick
by Bradley luvaas December 11, 2008
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