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Having extreme interest in blood, death, the undead, scars, gore. A gore whore could possibly be a necrophiliac
person 1--Ewwwwww your grossing me out
person 2-hehe, I thought so, im a gore whore for life
by caden April 21, 2006
A innocent seeming girl who is facinated by Bloody gore films
"I Didn't Expect Paigey to be such a Gorewhore, Cool!"
by Lex Master G December 09, 2007
Any person that sells a product or idea on the basis that not buying into that product or idea will cause global warming.
A politician says "Vote for me because I'm going to shut down the factory you work at that emits those dangerous greenhouse gasses and support legislation to give you an energy credit on your income taxes if you buy a hybrid car." The voter says "Yeah right, he's such a Gore Whore." It can also refer to someone pimping a green product; "Those guys that sell those light bulbs are Gore Whores."
by CapnRon July 07, 2009
To be a young girl or guy who is in support of al gore and consistantly talks about him and has aim screen names of him ie radlikealgore
omg did you see katy and jess' Al Gore livejournal? theyre such gore whores
by JEssica April 17, 2004
a girl who constantly obsesses about al gore, wears cute booty shorts and slutty skirts to impress him and has
AL GORE FUCKED ME AND I LIKED IT tattoed on her back
omg look at chelseas short skirt and *i love al gore* shirt; she is SUCH A gore whore
by chelsea May 06, 2004
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