Gordon Brown (British Prime minister) is a, dour, and morbid, scotsman in private, similar to the character called "Private Frazer" from "dads army". He broods over how much he hates the sassenach English and about how we are "all doomed, aye doooomed I tell ye"
In his spare time, Gordon Brown, likes to cook haggis and do a sword dance while wearing his dads tartan skirt (he is too mean to buy his own (typical Jock)). Occassionaly he is found slumped at his desk much the the worse for his whiskey swilling sessions where a "wee dram" often turns into a few pints of single malt from the supermarket (£6.99 Asda - the stingy bastard) He is most notable for being a notorious thief who allowed his friend Tony Blair to push billions of tax payers money to companies who swindled us in over-extravagant technology deals.

Gordon Brown is also a name synonymous with a womans vaginal region (cunt)
1st man:
What on earth is that scottish twat doing in a English parliament telling us what we can and cannot do?
Lets send our Mp's to scotland and tell them tightfisted gingernuts what they can do with their spare cash and time huh?

2nd man:
Youre right there, but what I want to know is, why isnt Scunthorpe spelt Sgordonbrownthorpe

1st man : Aye I know who put gordon brown in parliament but who put the Cunt in Scunthorpe
by fred sez shag January 30, 2008
Top Definition
Cheap-ass swindler in charge of taxation in the UK. Doesn't drive so has no first hand experience of the enourmous tax that drivers have to pay, thanks to his greed.

Very scarey fake smile. Run away! Run awaaayy!
Gordon Brown - He'd steal your grandma's teeth if you let him.
by VoteAnarchy October 15, 2003
A lying, stealing bastard who inflicted misery on millions of British citizens, by destroying pensions, business, over-taxing, over-borrowing and generally fucking up the economy he inherited in May 1997.
Gordon Brown, assinated in May 2004 on HM The Queen's orders.
Ending Widows Benefit, means testing benefits, raising taxes. The Anti-Robin Hood: Brown steals from everybody then gives to the rich.
by Gremlin February 11, 2005
Taxes for fun
Wages down, out my money runs
Throughout the night, no cash in sight
Never a pound with Gordon Brown...
by youkay March 12, 2004
Current Labour Prime minister in United Kingdom. Has never stood as Prime Minister in a general election and intends to surrender United Kingdom to be ruled by unelected foreigners in European Union against the will of the people of UK. Considered a traitor to UK by many of its people.

Last job taxman expert at taking money off british people not so good at spending it wisely
Despite massive calls Gordon Brown refuses to give the people a say on European Union.
Used to refer to being short of money ie on a budget.

(Gordon Brown is chancellor of the exchequer and sets the budget for the UK)
Boab - goan doon the pub the night Rab?

Rab - Ah cannae mate, ah'm oan the Gordon Brown.
by Bryan McPhail November 02, 2005
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