the act of sticking one's finger in the cleft of the opposite sex's derriere.
Gus tried to goozle every woman who walked in front of him.
by Alfonzo May 08, 2003
Top Definition
Another word for throat.
You'd better let those onion rings cool first, or you'll burn your goozle!
by Cader April 16, 2008
The accumulated loose skin that hangs under one's chin usually becoming prominent in men as they reach mid to late forties.
Mr. Philips worried so much about his goozle that he thought seriously about seeing a cosmetic surgeon to get it fixed.
by RPK October 17, 2003
Your throat or the little thing that hangs down in your throat when you scream
You could see Mike's goozle in that shot, he was laughing so hard.
Being hit in the goozle hurts.
by Stephanie E. November 14, 2003
The rear of the pallet to the epiglotis.
Careful. The tea is hot.
Don't burn your goozle.
by Studley Hunggwel January 03, 2006
Goozle-(goo-zul), Your throat, or insides.
Example: The doctor looked down his GOOZLE.
by Eric Smith May 08, 2003
n. Snoop Dog's favority means of finding the online bizatches.
Hey, let's goozle up some of boobies.
by Devin Davidson May 29, 2003
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