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A goozer is 1) a goozoo (persian for farter) and 2) a loser.
yalda: oh my god! that "king authaaa" dude still hasnt called me!
monica: what a GOOZER!
by Yalda December 10, 2006
A Goozer is an Irish term (old skool Irenad, that is) for a big sloppy kiss.
"Gis a goozer ya sexy aul' gobshite!"
by OliverGreene July 25, 2006
When you break up with a girl who quiefs a lot on your dick, and sleeps with other men while dating you. You call her a goozer.
Man you know that chick Spencer I went out with. What a goozer.
by TheOneTheOnly November 30, 2012
That fleshy wormlike hanger on (appendage) in the back of your throat. Commonly known as the uvula to the educated classes. The ignant classes consider it a target for skeet shootin'!
1. Whoa Delbert! If you make her deep-throat that thing you'll knock her goozer plum loose.
2. Damn, after all that boozin last night my goozer feels like a jelly bean stuck in my throat.
by Push'dwood Pete April 17, 2007
male sex organ commonly referred to as the penis
"He has a big goozer!"
by Goozer Man June 05, 2007
Who who needs not vaction, or who must work through a vacation. Otherwise bearing harsh psychological ramifications
"He goozered away his vacation..."
by Teknion July 25, 2003