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The excess fat around the stomach area. It can be hanging in the front, the side, or the back of a persons jeans. A gertle* is sometimes used to hold the gooty in.
Most people have a booty in the back right, say youre walking down the street and you look to your left and see a nice little booty but then they turn forward and you see the front gooty. It is hanging over their belt buckle.
by laugh laugh productions September 16, 2010
To have a big Booty and a big Gut
DAMN!!! She's got a Gooty!
by The Great one April 01, 2004
Gay Cooties
"Awe man! Gage just touched me! Now I've got Gooties!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!"
by Zombie lover February 16, 2009
A male or female whose rear-end protrudes outwards as if it were a shelf to set objects upon. A “ghetto booty.”
Damn. She got dat gooty.
by BeansAndRice May 05, 2009