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I better way of saying good.
Goot Goot
by Anne W. October 23, 2003
114 50
a fabulously brilliant fellow who is also a devoted friend.
When you're down and out, call Goots.
by stillme November 17, 2007
27 13
Stands for Get Out Of Town.
Hey Mustafa, you need to GOOT.
by Z1NX December 21, 2008
47 45
A different way of calling someone a faggot. Making light of a spelling mistake "Fagoot"
1. "So I hear Jim got the "polo horse tattoo" on his pecs."
2. "What a goot."
by Ripper H March 24, 2013
4 3
Verb: The act of spraying milk out of ones mouth because of the inability to swallow.
Aaron: Here dude have some milk.

Jonah: (Coughs and sprays milk everywhere)

Aaron: Ahh dude you just Gooted all over my wall and computer screen.
by Aaron1570 July 02, 2012
7 6
A unclean or dirty pussy
Hey gurllll lemme see dat goot
by Christian Fairweather March 14, 2014
0 0
noun, describes any undesirable part(s) of a whole, object or system.
"I just need to remove the goots and this flux capacitor should work just fine",
"Once I take the goots off of this dresser it will look great in the bedroom"
by X3nolith September 18, 2012
2 2