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When after a (lengthy) night of drinking, you decide to have one more drink before crashing even though it won't change your fun level much, but you still do, that is a goosey.
Shit man we've been drinking all night I can't even keep my eyes open, but i guess one GOOSEY won't hurt.
by fuelen October 10, 2010
Superb person, very friendly and hates eggs

by Anonymous January 18, 2003
In all seriousness, goosey denotes caution, touchy, frightened, scared, careful
He was goosey about getting into the boat.

She was goosey about anyone's touching her.

by Lloyd Winburn February 16, 2006
Rhyming slang for "look-see." Used to describe the act of looking at or previewing something.
Dude: "Don't know about that party tonight. Could be lame."

Other dude: "Well, let's go have a quick goosey. We can always bail if it's crap."
by Opus Atrum January 01, 2009
when you have a intolerance to onions
'mmm smells good'
' its the pepper and onion'
' yeah that okay?'
' no im a Goosey'
'oh no...pizza???'
by LochteCarterJones April 16, 2010
one who likes to be roasted reguarly
oooooh i like a good goosey
by numpty January 18, 2003