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A Texas word for sex
I got some good goosey last night.
by B.G. March 30, 2005
To examine an object or situation. Derived from the sayings, "To have a gander" and, "Goosey-gander"
*Client*: My computer keeps freezing up.
*Repairman*: Well lets have a goosey then...

*Man in pub to mates*: Have you lot had a goosey at that lass by the bar yet?
by Revisor June 04, 2005
Goosey, Noun or Adj.

1. A way to describe someone that is daft, very overweight, and who's only friends are actually his worst enemies.

2. A fat family from Hobe Sound, Florida
That Goosey thought he was loaning me that DVD, but he'll never see it again!!!

I watched that Goosey over there eat four double quarter-pounders and three large fries.
by Jucie Bear April 16, 2005
When you become extremely cold and get an excessive number of goosebumps all around your body
Chase: Wow you look so cold right now

Zach: I know man im freezing, look at me i have such a bad case of the goosey's right now
by flexible nipples May 19, 2011
my nickname for my cousin. she's like a silly goose
Hey goosey, you're so silly
by Shawna Tracy March 29, 2008
another word for a vagina
wow !! paula has a shaven goosey
by craig nicolson June 13, 2007
a very nervous or foolish person.
That girl over there is so goosey.
by Shawna Tracy January 16, 2008