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somone who WILL NOT take the hint and leave you alone. oi.

(when you and your boyfriend are trying to get a good snog in before the night is over and your friend just stands there. watching you.)
god, you are being such a goosegog! will you just leave us alone?
(but they still hang around for a while.)
by saintetienne March 01, 2004
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Campbeltown, Argyll, Scotland....

Slang for 'Idiot' 'Numpty' 'Fool'

Get the drinks in 'Goose Gog' You are on the bell !
by Hamish Dunlop May 05, 2003
A goosegog is a silly/stupid person who does silly/stupid things that are quite enjoyable.
Lets say someone trips and falls on their face, the proper way to respond is...
Oh wow. You are such a silly goosegog
by Wow-wie-wa-wa February 03, 2010

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