Right before bursting in your partners butt after performing anal sex, quickly pull your dick out, and stick your balls in her butthole. this should paint the image of a mother goose giving birth to thus youngst
Dude,I was at Kyles house last night and i totally gave his mom a gnarly gooseEgg
by blumpkinator555 April 03, 2009
A simple slap on the rear end but a finger is extended into the hershey highway
dude: you kno what a goose egg is?

random chick: no

dude: you want one?
by Sammi Sosa November 22, 2004
The shape of the bottom of a woman's bikini/underwear when they have a large poon. Much like a camel toe, but smooth instead of indented.
That chick sure has a fat noonie. It looks like she's smuggling a goose egg.
by Siggidy June 24, 2007
a zero..nada...nafin'
Slim Shady went for the dunk..came up short and got the goose egg.
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
nothing; use with aim
~What's up?
~Goose egg. You?
by lisa February 21, 2004
(1) The egg of a goose
(2) A moron, used as insult
(3)a term used for someone who lacks the skills to do anything right.
(4) proud conservative
(5) an insult to someone who is useless
"might aswell go lay an egg biatch"
by Blob September 24, 2003
Showing one of your balls to another person. Used in the penis showing game
Wacko: I wanna make an omelette
Ed: Here Bako, use this goose egg
Wacko: (sees Ed's nut)God damn it Ed!
Ed: C'mon Bako, two kicks in the ass

(Ed kicks Wacko in ass twice)
by I Cruuuuuuuuunch You May 22, 2009
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