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A simple slap on the rear end but a finger is extended into the hershey highway
dude: you kno what a goose egg is?

random chick: no

dude: you want one?
by Sammi Sosa November 22, 2004
The shape of the bottom of a woman's bikini/underwear when they have a large poon. Much like a camel toe, but smooth instead of indented.
That chick sure has a fat noonie. It looks like she's smuggling a goose egg.
by Siggidy June 24, 2007
An egg soaked for several weeks in gasoline or kerosene. This process liquifies the sulfur in the egg yolk and blends it with the sulfur in the fuel. When thrown at someone's house or car, a goose egg releases a stench most foul.

Teens in the 1950s commonly made and used goose eggs. The high cost of gasoline has made the procedure too expensive for a good prank.
Ernie and Bob cruised around on Friday night lobbing goose eggs on all their teachers' houses.
by Cap'n Bullmoose May 12, 2005
(1) The egg of a goose
(2) A moron, used as insult
(3)a term used for someone who lacks the skills to do anything right.
(4) proud conservative
(5) an insult to someone who is useless
"might aswell go lay an egg biatch"
by Blob September 24, 2003
1. Egg of a big migrating bird.
2. In games; a zero, indicates that no points have been scored. Also called 'duck egg'.
"Wow, look at that goose egg! It's so pretty!"
"And so no points have been scored yet, a goose egg.."
by 1337jesus September 24, 2003
a zero..nada...nafin'
Slim Shady went for the dunk..came up short and got the goose egg.
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
nothing; use with aim
~What's up?
~Goose egg. You?
by lisa February 21, 2004