(1) The egg of a goose
(2) A moron, used as insult
(3)a term used for someone who lacks the skills to do anything right.
(4) proud conservative
(5) an insult to someone who is useless
"might aswell go lay an egg biatch"
by Blob September 24, 2003
Top Definition

The way the number is shaped is similar to a goose's egg.
I played a tennis match and was goosegged, I lost 6-0, 6-0, 6-0
by disco stu September 24, 2003
A large Lump left on forehead above eye after being hit.
"Damn did you see that big ole Goose egg on his head after he got hit?"
by Loumus July 24, 2008
Nothing; A Quantity of no significance or importance.
I went to vegas to strike it rich but came back with goose eggs.
by tdlm December 08, 2008
1. Egg of a big migrating bird.
2. In games; a zero, indicates that no points have been scored. Also called 'duck egg'.
"Wow, look at that goose egg! It's so pretty!"
"And so no points have been scored yet, a goose egg.."
by 1337jesus September 24, 2003
When a man takes a shit into a girls vagina
Taylor hovered over Katie Johnson as he gave her the greatest Goose Egg of her life
by Dukey Ceo of Treehousegang November 02, 2010
A vast, festively plump man heap lying limp on a mans own thigh.
After Gwendolyn gave Frank a really good blow job his dick immedietely went to damp "Goose Egg" Satus.
by Friggin hoopty December 03, 2006
Right before bursting in your partners butt after performing anal sex, quickly pull your dick out, and stick your balls in her butthole. this should paint the image of a mother goose giving birth to thus youngst
Dude,I was at Kyles house last night and i totally gave his mom a gnarly gooseEgg
by blumpkinator555 April 03, 2009

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