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One of the worst towns in South Carolina. Don't let the old white people that live on the lake fool you. Goose creek has a wide variety of drug dealers and black hair salons so if you're into that it might be good for you. There's really nothing to fucking do here tho so most of the teenagers either sell drugs or annoy store employees to pass the time. Since there's nothing really there everyone is forced to use the Walmart as a navigational tool to tell people where they need to go. If you're not lucky enough to avoid the high school "Goose Creek High" you can be met with a large assortment of ghetto kids and Emo kids mixed together. The only thing good about this town is everyone telling the store about when that one kid got eaten by an alligator at the creek. Zero out of ten rating.
"Hey man do you need a ride"
"Yeah I live right behind the goose creek Walmart"
by Ifuckinghategoosecrek July 13, 2015
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