To unexpectedly poke someone in the lower stomach or kidney area with ones index and middle finger.
"O snap, you just got gooped"

"He just gooped me"
by Dictionarax February 04, 2010
To refer towards someones intelligence which isn't quite up to par given the situation.
Corday's A "Goop" For Being So Late To His Own Birthday Party.
by Daprophet Stakillen' December 25, 2007
Skin between your chin and neck
Dude your Goop is mad soft
Why are you touching my Goop?
by Tz21 April 19, 2011
1) When you do a shit and all the shit comes out at once rather then in a few smaller quantities.

2) A plural for shit.
1)Dude I just did a massive goop.
2)There is cow goop all over that paddock.
by ~Simon~ April 10, 2009
1.)The Large underchin of a human being,
2.)When someone cups the flabby,large underchin of a human being, and lets go.
I just got gooped by Zach and Dan. They are assholes
by LelouchGeass January 21, 2009
meaning "GREAT POOP" and refering to the largest shit a human being will take in his life.
Yo dogg i just took a goop!
by PilchuckRiverRat January 26, 2008
A hate word, or derogatory term, for a person from India. Partially in reference to a slur toward Koreans, "gook," and partially in reference to Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
Roshan, man, I'm sorry, but the curry, the advanced science degrees, the emaciated visage... You've become the typical goop. I'll give you a pass about working at 7-11 because you hook it up with my Slurpee sizes.


He's a goop! He's a goop! Fifty years ago the U.S. Census Bureau classified you as "Other race!" He's a goop! Ooh, ooh... There's still those words.
by feemoh August 07, 2009
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