A hate word, or derogatory term, for a person from India. Partially in reference to a slur toward Koreans, "gook," and partially in reference to Dr. Sanjay Gupta.
Roshan, man, I'm sorry, but the curry, the advanced science degrees, the emaciated visage... You've become the typical goop. I'll give you a pass about working at 7-11 because you hook it up with my Slurpee sizes.


He's a goop! He's a goop! Fifty years ago the U.S. Census Bureau classified you as "Other race!" He's a goop! Ooh, ooh... There's still those words.
by feemoh August 07, 2009
Top Definition
a liquid drug that fucks you upp
hey. gimme some goop!
k lets do it
by kenzie-- March 21, 2008
a sloppy, flabby, loose vagina. often very disgusting.
"bro, that girl i met at the club... the goop on her'd make an elephant self-concious."
by vicious April 19, 2004
To cum inside something.
Man I just wanna Goop in your ass so bad!

Baby let me Goop in your mouth.
Don't touch that sock I just Gooped in it.
by lynco716 June 19, 2009
The excretion made by a vagina when the woman is being pleasured like never before. It is similar to elmers glue leaking out of the bottle.
Ted made Mary goop like never before last night, she gooped so much that she soaked through the sheets.
by Makemegoop May 15, 2009
Goop or Goopin means to turn up, drink and have fun
Out wit my niggaz tonight goopin!
by The ratchet April 02, 2013
Very potent, sticky cannabis.
"You got some goop my dude?"
"Only da greenest, homie"
by skeemon July 10, 2008
A sometimes blue, almost always green goo-like substance that kicks ass.

A commonly used saying that expresses excitement or happiness when said in a high pitch.
1. Ohh, look at goop go!
2. "Were going to the beach tomorrow" "GOOOOP"
by Erock101 July 07, 2011
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