a person (often a gurl)that thinks she's the shit and all she is is a lil bitch
"that gurl ova dere is a lil bitch ass goonie
by desirae March 28, 2005
A Goonie is a kiss, but not just any kiss a silly sloppy wet kiss that you can give to FRIENDS!
The background comes from last friday..!
1. Would you like a big WET GOONIE!
2. Heres a Goonie for YOUnie!
by Anne May 30, 2004
A goon, someone who is gay and doesn't know what he/she is talking about; Looks like sloth off of the goonie.s
Brett Buckland
by Anonymous May 05, 2003
A(n) Ugly ass person, very odd looking or dumb looking, almost retarded
A Goonie would be a person when you look at them you almost burst out laughing or just shake your head..

Ex. Yo Trey you see that Goonie hes ugly as fuck!
by Bobby Light...Trigga Trey January 12, 2010
another word for goon. the most popular word to offend an outrageously stooopid person
example 1: omg thomas your such a frikkin goonie, like omg

example 2: quit being a goonie and help me out ere!!!
by emma..x November 27, 2007
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