Balls, Nuts, Gonads.
The Olympic runner was sprinting so hard, his goon squad was bouncing all over hizzle!
by thickage June 09, 2004
1.A highly regimented organization, hellbent on destroying all that is slacking in any given highschool educational environment.
2.Led by Captain Dan, the Goon Squad is armed, dangerous, and carry graphing calculators.
Run! The Goon squad might make you do your homework! or bore you with stupid questions and spirit day assemblys!
by TheChameleon October 21, 2003
A bunch of mexicans that are the fans of a local tampa metal band: Sobriety. They ride in a big dumb bus for no reason.
That guy in the goon squad is fat.
by Brett Snyder September 17, 2005

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