A group of slightly sketchy males, who drive fast even in shitty cars, wear aviators, blast music and smoke.

The difference between these men and bros (besides the smoking) is that inside members of the goon squad have hearts of gold.
James Dean is the ultimate Goon Squad member.
by JaneGoodall1 July 13, 2009
An underground gentlemen’s club in the North Philadelphia area were members do questionable acts such as destroying property, harass women, have sex with questionable looking women, and other goonish acts. Members can easily be identified by the following acts: hanging out in shady basements in North Philadelphia, Throwing furniture out windows, and yelling “Goon Squad” whenever in trouble or excited about something outrageous.
Guy 1: Oh my god those kids just threw a sofa out the window!!!

Goon 1: GOON SQUAD!!!!!

by MeatWallet09 February 18, 2012
A group of handsome young men who run Rockford Lutheran like its their bitch. They are generally known as the kids who go hard all the time.
Hey, did you see the Squad?

Yeah they are a bunch of goons.

I wish I could be a member of the Goon Squad.

No you don't.
by Hardassmothafucka December 26, 2011
A group of real crazy Goons coming straight out of Saint Charles, Illinois. They are extremely dangerous and are very very goon affiliated. You don't want to be confronted by the goon squad. They may also be known as the "GOOOOOOOOONS!" (Goons with 9 O's)
real goon affiliated. goon squad all up in a niggas face
by MoeDubGoonAffiliated October 20, 2010
A group of talented young boys who look to make indoor cricket history by winning a title all the way from fourth. They are lead by their captain courageous and spiritual leader but they always look for an x-factor or sniper to take over the game
We are playing the Goon Squad
by x-factor10 June 28, 2010
Goon Squad is a gang located in northern Utah established in 2008. The gang has a reputation for being extremely violent and badass. To become a goon you have to be from the PV, NO, or OV hood. Its also a rule to say deuces before you leave somewhere. Goon Squad has a few rivalries including "The Kings" and "Jeanie".
If you mess with the Goon Squad, your shit will be dropped, end of story.
by Badassmotherfuckaniggatitsjew January 10, 2010
A group of close friends who don't take mess from anybody. We're besties who ALWAYS have each other's back;; no matter WHAT!
"GOON SQUAD!...squad UP"
by danc3izlife July 08, 2009

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