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A group of uneducated "buff" guys, who think they're the shit and put plastic spinning hub caps on their Dodge Neons. They drive around town blaring rap music but no one has the heart to tell them their radio sounds like a dying animal. Their pants are permanently stationed around their ankles and they call themselves pimps but the truth is the only girl that ever gives them lovins is their mamas.
"look Kate, here comes the goon squad to hit on us again"
by tree tree and shrub shrub October 16, 2009
A group of people dedicated to having a good time, even though they gather in the same basement every weekend and play zombies. They don't care what you think of them and tend to be the most rowdy off all groups of people. Play indoor soccer with Celtic jerseys and listen to Ayo Technology.
I wish I were a member of the Goon Squad, then I could giveit to those that want it.
by dudewhere'smycar? October 12, 2011
wannabes who want to join the slop house but will always be denied.
employees of good hands, leader of the goon squad MB aka the worst
by leaders of the slop house, ron October 07, 2011
When a group of guys arrive at a party early in order to get way more drunk then all the guests at the party. It is also common for them to have their own theme for the party different then everyone else there. Females are a goonette squad
The Goon Squad is meeting at 7 to start drinking before the guests arrive at 9
by Boner Twerk August 06, 2011
I'm suprised no one has put this definition, yet but it can also refer to the hip hop group led by rapper Trick Trick.
"Lemme me hear you holla Goon Squad in this bitch! "

-Trick Trick (Feat. Eminem) Welcome 2 Detroit
by banan14kab April 11, 2011
A group of kids who are wiggers.


Caucasian that takes great pride in draping him/herself with shiny FUBU, Johnny Blaze, Champion, Wu-Tang and whatever else fake shit they can find at the markets, then pretend they are in the ghetto and call their mates "Dawg" and "Bitch" or "Word Up Niggah". Prerequisite of wearing an oversized jacket on a stinking hot day.
Nigga i rep Goon Squad
by Krispy Bacon Squad February 23, 2011
The word has two meanings. One is a group of goofy guys, usually from a town that is disliked. The other is A gang of straight thugs. Dude's you know not to mess with.
1. I went into A town the other day. . .you wouldn't believe the goon squad i saw. straight Faggets!

2. Dude i'd hate to mess with Weezy and his Goon Squad
by G Bo$$ July 17, 2009