A goon is a: robber, killer, gangster, or any hardened criminal.

Rapper Plies (FL) widely uses the term when describing himself and the street people around him, Leading people to believe that this is a popular urban street term in Florida, which is generally true.

Before the streets took this word under, it meant an overall bad person, from a school bully to a mafia criminal.
"Everybody Goons until they catch a case, detectives go to talking that killer shit fade away" -plies

"Car full of Goons and everybody certified, and if you froze up last time you can't ride, its going down tonight, cause these Goons out lurkin" -plies

A ski-mask used in armed robberies is commonly known as a "goon mask"
by FLA91 December 25, 2010
A goon is often referred to athletes who like to fight or be physical, especially for canadian hickey players. They often fourth line grinders who cant actually play. It can also be used for other sports such as football for someone who goes out of their way to make a hit.
1. My bro just had like 25 penalty minutes last night, hes such a goon.

2. He just broke that kids leg, HUGE goon.
by goonsquad3535 December 19, 2009
A goon is best defined as a person taking part in activities such as jumping, yelling and imitated sexual acts. Goons often commit these atrocities in public and bring embarrassment to themselves and others. Other characteristics of goons include excessive genitalia exposure, over-excitement concerning video games, and friendly relationships with parents, occasionally to the point of desired intimate contact. You can accurately distinguish a goon from a normal person by their laugh as well as their indifference to the apparent disgust surrounding them.
Goon: Lets Play HALO!
Goons: YEA! At your house though, b/c your mom is HOT!

Goon: Get HER!


Goon: *teabags sleeping friend
by xXSCUMXx September 15, 2009
cheap wine from a wine bladder.
known to be drunk by cheap people, bogans and abos.
dude1"that abo over there with 1 thong on is drinking goon."
dude2"lol of course he is hes abo!"
by beejftw October 30, 2008
this word has many definitions, but in Florida & many hoods across tha country, a goon is a real nigga: ready 2 ride or die 4 his/hers, takes care of their fam, not scared of tha law or any other nigga, makin his/her own money legally or not, never snitches always follows tha street code.
Plies- "goons lurkin"

"Car Full Of Choppers And Everbody Quiet, Car Full of Goons And Everybody Cerified, And If You Froze Up Last Time You Can't Ride It's Going Down Tonight Cuz These Goons Out Lurkin"
by yayallday May 12, 2008
the truest, or the realest nigga on da block.
tha goon squad rolled up and da club went crazy.
by goonsquad December 02, 2007
a person who is always ready to fight and isn't afraid of anyone a "goon" may possibly be in a gang; Fearless
-Do you want to make peace with those girls Chloe'?
-No I don't care if we fight because i'm a goon.
by Chloe' Elise June 26, 2007

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