One that stumbles around with shitkickers on, yelling out profanity at innocent people, smoking lots of pot, have crazy amounts of unprotected sex and railing lines upon lines of the finest cocaine while crushing racks on racks on racks of Natty and Jack Daniels. Ussualy wears black/raiders gear. Phil Taylor is their hero.
Phil Taylor, Trent Richardson, Tripp Whatley, Goons
by Shitkickers October 29, 2011
a person who has had a great life, lots of friends, and is always having fun.
a goon is a cheerful person.
by youowemeacherrycoke October 14, 2011
A bag-in-box beverage dispensing unit
I smashed the box, ripped out the goon bag, blew it up and slept on it.
by Hammock Sways October 05, 2011
this word has many definitions, but in Florida & many hoods across tha country, a goon is a real nigga: ready 2 ride or die 4 his/hers, takes care of their fam, not scared of tha law or any other nigga, makin his/her own money legally or not, never snitches always follows tha street code.
Plies- "goons lurkin"

"Car Full Of Choppers And Everbody Quiet, Car Full of Goons And Everybody Cerified, And If You Froze Up Last Time You Can't Ride It's Going Down Tonight Cuz These Goons Out Lurkin"
by yayallday May 12, 2008
the truest, or the realest nigga on da block.
tha goon squad rolled up and da club went crazy.
by goonsquad December 02, 2007
the ulitmate in alcoholic beverage. $9= 4 litres. awsome value and quality buy. comes in a sliver sack known for its healing powers, gets u wasted fast and taste like shit. also looks like apple juice so it's easily concealable.
cop says 'hav u got goon?'
u say 'no'
cop says ' wat is it'
u say 'apple juice'
cop says 'okay' (and beleives u LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL)
by fjsnvdskdavnvskanvask,vsa August 23, 2007
a person who is always ready to fight and isn't afraid of anyone a "goon" may possibly be in a gang; Fearless
-Do you want to make peace with those girls Chloe'?
-No I don't care if we fight because i'm a goon.
by Chloe' Elise June 26, 2007

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